Valentines Want's

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 it is Valentines Day today. (vomit). Yes well I have had many a Valentine, few good, many bad. I can only actually remember one which I didn’t have to do everything myself and which was truly special. Pass the bitter Lindt. So if I ever have a Valentine who gives a rats ass (or has the balls to try) here would be some extravagant wants. Now I know a lot of girls want undies, roses and chocolates. Personally real gifts of thought are so rare they become more disappointing than joyful. So rather spend the money than write me a poem, few can really move me with words... 

Every girl loves Champagne. This is the one I names my pup after, Louis Roederer.
Goes for about 3k... I like it chilled.

 I love to cook, the hot crème brûlée Kitchen Craft Heart
Shape Ramekin and Blowtorch Set
, divine.

I have always wanted this Kissy Dunny, she’s The Baroness Greed Dunny.
I’ve never seen an original!

A Thoughtful gift for a designer, Silestone Slab Vases by Form Us With Love for Cosentino,
make your own vase for her. Always an excuse to buy her lots of flowers.

 For the booklover, Little Romance bookmark by Lee Washington,
I would be super happy with this.

 My ALL time favourite; Love Bunnies Ring Holder.
Just, the perfect gift, PICK ME!

 Lust after Le Creuset Heart Shaped Stoneware Casserole,
who doesn’t want Le Creuset and in a heart! Divine.

All the above have links to where you can get them for your Valentines. Hope you have a beautiful Valentines and if you don’t, chin up, tomorrow is Wednesday. I plan to spend the evening holding some ones hand who understands that everyday should be Valentines day, not just the 14th of February...


PS. ... and then I met you.


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