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Monday, 13 December 2010
French inspired weekend... C'est la vie
Why do the weekends leave me so quickly! Even when I make a point to cherish every moment they go by in a flash. This is what I learned;
  • Louis (my Pekingese pup) went to La Pawtique and got ‘The Lion’ cut. He looks insanely handsome!
  • I love anything grape flavoured. Mmm!
  • Some people are just mean. And I do not deserve their abuse.
  • I still love French (English subtitle) films. I finally got my hands on La Vie en Rose. Stunning!
  • I also love Marion Cotillard and how she portrayed Edith Piaf. And how mad scary she looks in the movie and how gorgeous she in in real life, amazing.
  • I also, still love Edith and her haunting French music.
  • Staying in the entire weekend saves a lot of moola (money).
  • It is the end of the year and even when 'relaxing' on the weekend I still feel exhausted. *see next point.
  • If I work one more weekend it will kill my fragile little spirit.
  • I cannot wait for holidays so I can turn off my phone and ignore everyone. I need some space!
  • I need a straw hat... And the search begins.

PS. Thank you to La Pawtique, they really are the best (and only) salon I will ever take my little angel to.


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