Fashion Forward Friday

Friday, 10 December 2010

Framework by Moxy Creative {here}

Living in South Africa, having sunglasses is like wearing shoes. Obviously you don’t really have to wear them, but you’re going to be in a lot of pain if you don’t! The cruel South African sun is even hotter here in my wonderful Johannesburg. Being that much closer to the sun is really not that good of an idea if you don’t have your trusty sunnies.

I have a whole lot of different looks. Fashion shades are just divine. There is nothing better than a new shiny pair of (*unscratched) new shades to try out. Since I am an avid collector I never pay too much for eye protection and I enjoy trying out different looks. I have quite a round/square face. No it is not that bad! As most sunnies suite me and my round face I use this to my advantage and I’m not scared to try something extreme. I like the bigger the better! Jackie O to Jack Nicholson, This Jaxi can wear them all!

I found this on the net and thought id share it with you. What style are you? Personally, loving the Costello’s, must be a Leo thing.


PS. Those blinkers are only going to get smaller without a little shading! Moles are never in fashion...


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