Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I got myself a snowcat!

well... commonly known as a
Diana F+ SnowCat Exclusive Edition.

Personally if you ask me, the new owner of this little kitty, she's a roamer of cool and perfect experiences. This little black and white feline moment snatcher is to be my new best sidekick!

She loves the sweet notion of independence and embraces the exploration of our own space, our own times and our meandering missions!
Created by the illustrator carrying the same name, she’s a gorgeous sweet-talking... meowing mix of fervent black and white. Be sure to check out the Diana+ clones, there is a special one out there for everyone!

I am still on my first spool (yes I've taken one step forward into digital, 2 steps back into film) and with the cost of the stuff will be slowly capturing tiny moments and showing them on Cocobutton under the SnowCat label. Be sure to follow and check out my exploration back into the real sprockets.


PS. For the clueless ones, SnowCat is a Camera.


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