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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Porcini’s Choice

Restaurant: Café del Soul
Cuisine: Italian
Ambience: Comfy & Casual, Hip & Happening
Main course: R90

Physical address: Shop 17 and 18, Olivedale Corner Centre, crnr Olive and President Fouche roads

An enchanting place situated in the Olivedale Shopping Centre. It is decorative and warm, welcoming and instinctively attractive.
The layering of sandblasted glass and soft white walls, accompanied by written quotes about love and inspiration, is truly spectacular.
The lighting is warm and comforting. Olive described the light fittings as being ‘melting roses’. In between the ‘melting roses’ are small wooden woven hanging hearts which twirled and danced in the heat from kitchen.

A huge plus for me on the menu is the fact that they try to use as much of fresh, organic produce wherever possible. All the meals were delicious. I loved my Chicken Sesame
starter. The peanut satay sauce was the best I’ve had, it was not runny or oily like most restaurants and they served enough so I had some left over. The Mediterranean Olive Roulade was interesting but was said to be a little on the dry side by the waiter. Being such an interesting item it was ordered and was actually in fact dry. However the Porcini Roasted Chicken was a big hit with the 3 of us! Organic chicken, black truffle oil risotto and porcini cream sauce, what could go wrong with that! Yum!

The service was good but the overall ambiance was just marvellous! And considering the full house last night we were not the only ones who loved it!


PS. Don’t judge a restaurant by its shopping centre, it might seem a little scummy but Café del Soul is definitely the sparkle of that centre!


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