Easter Prep.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Easter is just around the corner. This year is flying so fast!
I found this lovely little Show Me How on how to decorate eggs.

This method is easy, very pretty, super fun and more importantly cheap! I must admit I have not made these since I was a tiny tot. But I do remember it being incredibly fun and worth it.

The best part of this kind of 'craft' is if you're not a professional egg decorator... yes I realize how strange that sounds, but you will never get a perfect egg, or the exact colour you wanted and those elastic bands slip quite easily. Each egg will be different and special in its own little funny way.

Another great thing about this craft is that the colour of the egg influence the colour of the dye. Sometimes if the egg is slightly browny, the eggs look warmer and more pastel. But if the eggs are white they look like real decoupage almost white concrete eggs, stunning!
Happy decorating!


PS. Try not to wear your best frock while doing this, it can get messy!


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