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Wednesday, 25 November 2015
Katie Holten's Trees of the USA.

Coldest weekend in London yet! It snowed on Saturday morning. Do not be daft, I did not see it, it was at 7 o’clock, I was in bed snoozing. But I did venture out, dressed like a snow man. By this I mean you wear so many items your arms stick out as there are so many layers, they sort of support your shoulder and armpits and create a funny bendy arm. As your elbow cannot bend either as that too, is padded to the max, it extends. It is fun actually. The blistery wind prickles your cheeks pink and puts a spring in your step. It is not as bad as I thought. This is what else I learned;

  • Have you ever tried fresh mint tea. It is fresh, very. Try it. Delicious. 
  • Tip: A woman can always tell if a man loves her by how much time he is willing to invest. Money spent is meaningless, but time spent is priceless. 
  • I ventured to Zone Four this weekend to visit a family friend. It is really lovely out there. Nino’s in South Woodford is a great little traditional Italian restaurant. Really delicious and good value for money! Unlike anywhere I have been in the rest of London… Lol. Joke. 
  • I also saw my first fox! In my friends garden! I could not believe it! I was so excited I almost ran into the glass doors. My friend was rather amused by my excitement, as locally these beautiful creatures are considered pests as they attack dogs, rip up garbage and poop in the street. He he. But I think Mr Fox was looking very fantastic scratching his fleas and then jumping through the fence… I felt like I reached a milestone in my move to London. Fox – Tick.
  • “Later that night, I held an atlas in my lap, ran my fingers across the whole world and whispered; where does it hurt?” It answered; “Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.” - Warsan Shire. What has happened to our world? Why is there so much pain and hurt? I cannot stand to watch the news for another minute.  
  • I am loving Francois-Henri Galland at the moment. He is a French watercolour artist. His new work is all of lovers, shapes and spills of colour. Simply beautiful, very suggestive. You are almost left to imagine what is not there, and more importantly what is. See some of his work {here}. 

Hope you have a positive rest of your last week of November and remember, stay weird, moon babies.


PS. “You are the calm that saves me from my own hurricane of maddness.” - Almaz A.

Francois-Henri Galland, Untitled.


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