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Monday, 2 November 2015
From one of my all time favourite sites, Maddie on Things.

I was sick in bed this weekend with the onset of a cold. I had to make sure I kept it at bay by staying indoors (as much as I could) and keeping warm and snug. You know, you can still learn a thing or two from the constraints of ones own four walls. This is what I learned;

  • Working late on a Friday is no fun at all. However, it does have its perks. Leaving the office late makes you see Oxford Street a little differently on Halloween Eve. Full of mad teenagers trying to get the best witchy outfit or slutty mummy. "That my dear cannot be worn as a skirt!" I heard one mother voice… rather you than me dear… 
  • "I’m oxygen and he’s dying to breathe." - Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me
  • I must admit, I have gotten into a habit of making chilli broccoli pasta on a Friday night. It must be the reminiscence of my parents Friday night pasta evenings back home. But when I get home hungry on a Friday night, the Lingunie calls to me. 
  • A sick introvert living with two extroverts… the lock on the door is never enough. One realises how thin ones walls are when one desperately wants to sleep. 
  • Bao London has got to be one of the worst decisions I have ever made. Korean buns filled with delicious spicy, crunchy, good smelling things. And then some Horlicks ice-cream to finish it off… YES in a BUN as WELL. I know it is ridiculous I was sick at myself and I want to go back immediately. And so did everyone else, there was a queue of thirty people standing outside waiting for their own buns. Buns. Amazing Bao Buns. Not healthy though… definitely only for a cheat day!
  • Chamomile tea. I am an addict.
  • "Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation." - Khalil Gibran
  • I have this terrible habit, I do it all the time. I plan to go from A to B and then that is that. A; being home and B; being the destination and then I would like to return home. But I know, in London this is impossible. So I went from A, home, to B the chemist to get medicine for my cold. I saw a crowd and somehow managed to stumble upon a motor show in Regents Street. Then a parade or strike, for I do not know what, but they were singing and dancing so I followed it quite amused and happy with the tunes and miraculously managed to end up in Covent Garden and went looking around the Rugby Stands, FOUR hours later I had not eaten or taken my pills. This is what happens, London sucks you in and POOF, from A to B turns into from A to G and then some J for a bit of L, M, N, O, P! I got home and passed out. 
  • "To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

Have an amazing week sparklers, it is Guy Fawkes on Thursday, hope you are going to see a bonfire and some fireworks somewhere! 


My love...


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