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Monday, 26 May 2014
Pretty vintage glasses on a wooden table,
wild flower (babies breath) - happy Coco.

I am in a weird place in my life where I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable on a daily basis. I do not know what it is or where it comes from. Last week I had two near death experiences (no jokes) and no I’m not in the mood to discuss. I also was informed some planet is rubbing my Leo moon up the wrong way and this is why I feel so prickly… great. And just to add to my woes someone very dear to me who I have learned to strongly lean on over the last year has packed up her teepee and pottered on over to London and left me here with an empty hole in my heart! Glum. I have my own opinion on what the universe is trying to get out of me… all I know is that I’m really trying very hard to keep smiling… meep! This is what I learned;

  • Having all my family is one place is my ultimate! Friday night with all five siblings, plus all their partners and my little niece and my mum and dad – there are a lot of us and there is a lot of love, we are so blessed! BEST! What a great start to the weekend. 
  • “I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but who’s integrity is greater than any rule book and who’s loyalty is stronger than blood.” - Jim Wern. 
  • My little sister makes better banana bread than I do, and I love that! And my older sister has the best taste in shoes, so I love getting her hand-me-downs! Sisters - I can’t get enough of them! 
  • “Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” - Rumi. Well one day at a time, at the gym, and mentally improving my outlook on life.
  • Can you remember the last time you sat and drew or painted something? So I draw a lot it’s part of my job. On Friday we painted some canvases for work. I was very quite, as I always am when I draw or paint. I get lost in my wild imagination and it’s wonderful! So many people who were also painting (who work in other departments) commented on how much they enjoyed it and how good it felt. When was the last time you picked up a paint brush? Try it, paint! Just for fun! 
  • “Sometimes life is a constant battle against the nostalgia of a time that can never be real again.” - Jason Myers
  • I’ve come to an understanding that I love Rooibos. I follow a “Food benefit” site on Instagram and the other day they posted the “Rare Miracle Plant Rooibos”. I giggled. I know how amazing it is, but I wasn’t amused by the word “miracle” I was interested in the word “rare”. Then I read the comments, poor souls. It is virtually impossible to get hold of if you don’t live here in South Africa… now I love it even more! Read some Rooibos benefits {here}.
  • “There’s a difference between loving the idea of someone and actually loving who they really are.” - White Collar
  • Bad times, or rough patches like this little hiccup I’m having is good for you… well for me and for you or anyone! They teach you to appreciate the good times, learn from the rough and discover during the bumpy roads. Just remember not only could it be worse, but this is a lesson, learn from it, take it in your stride and come out of it a better human… shucks but I’m positive! 
  • This weekend I said goodbye (for now) to my special Sarah. I can hardly write this without burting into tears (again). I am so grateful to everything you brought into my life and I cannot wait to see you again.
  • “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they are always there.”

Have shining weeks my shooting stars!


PS. “Courageous hearts are often covered in scars.” - T.B. LaBerge

Last but most importantly,
Happy Anniversary to the one who reminds me to breathe.


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