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Tuesday, 20 May 2014
How I feel at the gym, *pounce!

When you get to my age, things start to change a little. Things effect you. No I am not as old as the hills! But I can say that I can see a difference in the little things. The way my body heals, the way my body doesn’t agree with certain things and the way my body thanks me when I am good to it. The first time I started noticing this was when I started drinking smoothies and going for facials a year ago. I am not the pamper type. I like a mani pedi now and then as you know but I’m not into massages and personal overindulgence. Waste of money and time if you ask me. But my face is a little different. I can see my skin thanking me with every visit. Why am I blabbing on about this? I joined the gym. Can you believe!? My dear little sister reminded my that the big three-zero is around the corner and I suddenly thought about my face and then I thought about my ass and I thought it was time to move my running shoes from the streets to the treadmill and get hopping! My body (since last week) has both thanked me, and cursed me. I am writing this post with a little bit of a sore bottom, a few tight muscles and a couple of achey joints. But all in all this body of mine is saying “can we go to gym please mum”!? So from this sore seat, this is what I learned;

  • If my sister says I can do it, I believe I can!
  • Sometimes work is not as lovely as I think it always is. Sometimes I have a terrible, revolting week and all I want to do is run and hide under my covers and scream profanities at the people in charge (from under the duvet of course, I’m a lady not a monster!). This is a good thing! Not everything can be perfect you know, I can’t always be the winner, *wink! It makes you appreciate the good times.
  • “They call it homesick, they say it will fade, they promise and I listen. They call it homesick, but how can I be sick for a home I’ve never known?” - Tyler Knott Gregson. I actually know exactly what he’s talking about. Meep. 
  • I really loved the Neon Run. Did you do it too? I live in the area so my fit (in both the athletic and attractive meanings of the word… tee hee!) boyfriend and I walked to get our tickets, then walked to meet our team, then did the run, then we partied a little, then we went to eat. Two points; by the end of the day we’d done about fourteen kilometres… another reason I’m a little ouch today. Second point, the little sober party we had was pretty awesome in my trainers and my sports bra. Really a lot more comfortable than stilettos and a pushup! Maybe I am actually as old as the hills…
  • “Awake, my dear. Be kind to your sleeping heart. Take it out into the vast fields of Light, And let it breathe.”Hafiz
  • Gym, it makes me sleepy, isn’t it meant to give you energy? Anyway. With my grim spouts of insomnia, this really excites me. Could this be the end of my sleepless nights? A girl can dream right? Get it? 
  • “The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.” - Rumi
  • Another thing that has popped up in my (old) age is my desire to be healthy. I find myself lusting for anything that will nourish me. This is another reason for the gym I am sure… so weather it be sleep, spinach, smoothies or sprints I want it in my life! 
  • This also works in the opposite way, if it is bad for me, I feel really terrible putting it into my body. Am I taking one step forward and two steps backward by eating this chocolate? Will I feel terrible tomorrow if I drink that shooter? Is it hurting me if I order chips instead of a salad? That saying “my body is a temple” is really becoming a serious thing for me… and I am a million times happier for it!
  • Another good thing I am lusting over – dates! Yum! I read somewhere eating one a day was a good idea and they’re in season now in Johannesburg so I bought some. I am now obsessed. I pack them in my smoothies, and eat them instead of chocolate. My new best friends! And the benefits are ridiculous, talk about miracle fruits! Read {here} for some date benefits.
  • I can truly say that I love and adore my boyfriend from the bottom of my heart to the tips of his toes. I’ve learnt a lot over the years of broken hearts and a multitude of bad choices in both exboyfriends and destructive friendships. It is actually just about respect for one another. We’re building a relationship that is both cherished and supported by love and a common understanding of each others needs and the steps we are both at in our lives. I am both grateful and humbled that he not only understands me (which is a juggling act on its own) but he also supports and fulfils every dream, wish and hope in my wild and bursting heart. Blessed.

Have a sweet and juicy week my little plums!


PS. All of me, loves all of you…


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