A few of my favourite things

Friday, 13 September 2013
From left; Cocolife, Burts Bees, Kiehl's, Agadir and RapidLash, favourites!

I go through phases in my life where I fall in love with products and fall out of love with products. Lately it has been very hard to fall out of love with any of my new lusts. This is a good sign! So I thought I would share a few with you. Tried and tested and more importantly, repurchased, these are a few of my favourite things;

  • Cocolife - Coconut water. Yes I know you do not put this on your face, but I am a strong believe that beauty starts within so I would be one hell of a hypocrite if I only recommended things for external use. This water rehydrates you naturally, is cholesterol and fat free, has five essential electrolytes in it (naturally!) and there is no added sugar! It is also high in potassium which is great for your skin and it is naturally high in energy. It is also DELICIOUS! 
  • Kiehl's - Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Not only does it smell great but this little elixir of oils makes magic! Apply before bed and wake up looking rejuvenated and youthful. Someone like me who on Monday worked a sixteen hour day, woke on Tuesday looking, as usual, fantastic. These people know what they are doing, trust them, I mean they've been around since 1851!
  • Burts Bees - Beeswax lip-balm. My smackers are slightly obsessed with lathering Labello and the likes. But after I went back to London and saw this glowing beacon on the counter I forgot it was by far my favourite… lets just say I bought as many as the bag can carry. Beeswax, moisturizes and retains this for hours. Unlike that weird candle waxy feeling you get from that rubbish they sell here in SA. Packed with vitamin E for nourishment and peppermint which is cooling and smells divine. The cool peppermint also makes your lips tingle and go a little pink... what more do you want? 
  • Agadir - Argan Oil. Now I know Moroccan Hair Oil is all the rage but to be honest with you I think the shampoo and the conditioners are great (they don't smell that lekker though) but the Moroccan Hair Oil Treatment has nothing on the Agadir Argan Oil. It smells out of this world! It is a leave in daily hair treatment, its 100% Argan oil, it repairs, softens and strengthens all hair types without adding buildup. It nourishes and eliminates dry, itchy scalp. It encourages healthier hair growth and it encourages great hair control. Did I say it smells out of this world? Mmmm. 
  • Rapidlash. My ultimate! I am a short lash girl. I know, shame. Well I was thanks to Rapidlash! The proof is in the product. Ask anyone who knows me, I have long, lush lashes and constantly get asked where I get them done. No dears they're not fake, they're mine! Flutter!

I hope these all make your life a little more luxurious! 


PS. At the end of the day, you are lovely just the way you are!

Never believe you need anything to make you better,
these are things to enhance and Coco loves products!


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