Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 9 July 2013
Let it light your way, and the rest will follow.

What a great weekend. I am in such a pure and free place right now. I do not think anything could get me down. Good! Positive mountain is where Coco lives! This is what I learned;
  • I love how my taste changes with age. I remember two years ago in Cape Town I tried a truffle main and was almost ill. Now, I scout for truffle on the menu and Allora (bless her!) has an epic porcini (my favourite!) and truffle main, heaven! I will be frequenting Allora more often I believe. 
  • “Their lips brushed like young wild flowers in the wind.”F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • When one asks for so little, what good are you, or benefit to my quest, if you do not put in that small about extra to add value to my life?
  • I am mildly obsessed with Woolworths pumpkin and sage soup. It is just divine and makes a grand difference to my butternut obsession. It can be a little sweet so I add feta to mine. 
  • On that note, drinking soup out of a teacup is going to become a habit… its good fun and a good portion for someone who eats like a mouse. 
  • Don't just see me with your eyes, take away, this mask of flesh and bone and see me for my soul, alone. 
  • I just cannot get over how much I am lusting over going to the movies at the moment. Despicable Me 2 is a must see, although I just giggled the whole way through, seeing it in Prestige Lovers Seats is a must as well, *wink!
  • I want creamy coffee colour Converse. Don't argue, I just do. 
  • “Wasn’t that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted.”Abraham Verghese, Cutting of the Stone.

 Have a buttery week sweet muffins! Hope the weekend comes quick!


PS. I like to be alone... but I would rather be alone with you.

I put this here not because I feel it, just to remind me that
I once did... and I no longer do. And it is hell of a pretty! 


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