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Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Winter is coming, lets stay wild my little feathers.

This weekend wasn't ideal. A thorn in the paw, a splinter in you hand. I am glad it is over. Although it was trying, much was achieved, this is what I learned;
  • "Thoughts could leave deeper scarring that almost anything else." - J.K Rowling. I am a 'number 5'. This means I am very much 'in my head'. It is probably the cause of a lot of my migraines too (so they say). My mind is always busy… buzzing… bustling… this quote... I guess my mind is my own worst enemy.
  • "Twinkle lights are oddly soothing maybe we should keep the Christmas tree up all year" - Private Practice. I agree. There is something mesmerizing about them that I love. Maybe it's because it's my favourite time of year or the fact that I love shiny twinkly things but I too want fairy lights 12 months a year too sooth my heavy eyes.
  • Do small things with great love. I think I've lived by this my whole life, I just never put it into words. Everything I do with love.
  • Vida's Chai Latte's are the best. They're like a milky cinnamon bun in a cup… without the calories. Delish!
  • "And that’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They thing everyone else does too." - K. Hosseini
  • I like drinking coffee in the park… the caffeine kick is great for if you need to run away from scary beast chemical dogs! AAHH!
  • I love the word 'savant'.
  • Buddah Ta's candyfloss mojito is still such fun and totally yummy! No matter how old I get I love candy. Wink.
  • "All I need" by Radiohead, I forgot how much I love this song. It is from the album "In Rainbows" - so fitting because it is so colourful here in my life now with you.
  • I have an old friend in a scary place at the moment. Physically this time not mentally. Visiting him was trying… it was great to have my two pillars of strength there with me, with out them I think I would have stopped breathing, or worse. Thank you.
  • "And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." - Matthew 28:20

I hope you have a week full of green tea and sweet grapes my little gerbils!


PS. "And at once I knew, I was not magnificent." - Bon Iver.

Who doesn't love a skeleton... you? Get off my blog ^_^ joke!


Heather Clancy said...

Love your blog:) that is all.

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