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Monday, 8 October 2012
Love, locket and light...
Oh my goodness. 'happy' is an empty waif of a word in comparison to the feeling I have in my heart. Summer is also here and she is hot and bright. Coco's Learning's are not about deep and meaningful lessons, but have now become fluttering reminders not to forget how I got here and why. This is what I learned;
  • If you love something set it free if they come back it was meant to be. And if you're really lucky they'll come back with a purple rose. I'm so glad!
  • Sometimes (often) I am so busy looking after everyone else that I forget to look after myself! Leaving my tickets at home after printing out everyone else's is one of these scenarios. Whoops.
  • My friends and I guzzle tequila like its going out of fashion, 3 bottles down… glug… glug… *hic… glug…
  • Bloc Party. Good God guys… you were amazing! V.A.L.I.S rocked my tiny shoes! And I have to say Die Antword blew me away! But I guess haters gona hate. Why don't you get up there and perform, you're a professional performer right? Oh no you're just an accountant/marketer/student? Oh then how can you judge? Idjot.
  • Life is short there is no time to leave important words unsaid. Thank you for saying them.
  • What do you think would happen if you made a wish on an eyebrow hair?
  • Espresso's actually makes damn delicious croissants. Buttery and flakey they can be eaten just as is. No condiments needed, that is how you know if it is a goodie or not.
  • I am very much, totally and utterly a dog person. Sometimes I wish I could live on a farm with 40 dogs and just love them all and their silly and quirky personalities and watch them sleep and chew my slippers. Dogs… must love dogs! Woof!
  • The simple past tense version of the word "dare" is "durst". I durst use this…? How odd I say!
  • I am totally loving how our little group has become a little club of couples. One of our friends actually dubbed us 'couple island'… Island life is sweeet.
  • It is a funny thing when you are talking about Chuck Bass and one of the guys at the table asks you how you can be attracted to Chuck Norris, BASS not NORRIS… then he says… "oh are we talking about fish?" hysteries!
  • Never blame anyone in your Life. Good people give you Happiness. Bad people give you Experience. Worst people give you a Lesson and Best people give you memories.
  • I want an antique locket. I had one on my charm bracelet. I think it was stolen… but I think they are lovely and I have so many pretty people in my life, id love to wear them round my neck, close to my heart, where they belong.
  • I read this somewhere… *ahem "Going back to your ex after you've dated someone else is like digging last seasons shoes out of the trash, control your whoremones." Whakiki! Too funny!
Have a warm and love filled week my pretty petunias!


PS. I do not know if I am good enough but if I make him happy then I am everything I want to be. 

You go Glen Coco! Found {here}


Bailey Schneider said...

I've just discovered your blog thanks to Instagram of all places. Haha!
How awesome! I'll definitely become a regular! x

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