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Monday, 30 January 2012
Swans, Lauren Withrow and making changes, or just painting yourself another colour.
When you spend the weekend being sober and squeezing every waking hour of the weekend doing something constructive you really get one hell of a lengthy weekend. Don’t get me wrong I would love a twelve day weekend but two days might actually be enough.
  • The more I detox the more I hate alcohol. Drunk people, I only want to be around my own drunk people, stranger drunks are just annoying. My drunk people are gorgeous! Giggle!
  • If only closed minds came with closed mouths.
  • I am leaning more and more towards vegetarian, I don’t know what is happening to me either.
  • Dancing my sober ass off at Movida for my favourite January babies birthdays is one hell of a workout and a lot of fun.
  • I’ve realised that sleeping soundly is often all in the mattress. If I do not like the mattress I probably wont catch a wink... All I want to do is sleeeep.
  • Doubleshot Coffee in town on Juta Street has amazing coffee, its a really great location and has an amazing taste. Sippy sippy.
  • Running in the morning is one thing. Running in the morning with sore feet from dancing the night before is another. Running with both these thing and anger AND uphill is an entire form or self punishment... I’m feeling it today... Ouch!
  • It surprises me when I see people I used to know a long time ago and how they have grown and changed and how beautiful they have become. I am surrounded by swans.
  • I’m loving the dark romantic photography of Lauren Withrow. Portfolio two is definitely my favourite. Check it out.
  • There are often days when I wish I could wear a “do not disturb” round my neck. Specifically Sundays.
  • I found myself doodling on this specific Sunday... Art is the solution to chaos.
  • If you’re feeling blue try painting yourself a different colour.
  • “She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” Elizabeth Edwards. I am in love with this... I am adjusting my sails.
A good week to all and to all a er... A good night! Ha ha! And Happy Birthday Mummy :) xx


PS. You loved me at my best. You left me at my worst. 

I'm thankful...


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