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Tuesday, 17 January 2012
Birds of a feather...
The first Weekend Learning’s for 2012. When I look back at the first Weekend Learning’s of 2011 I cannot believe how much has changed. I cannot believe that January 2011 was when the clumsy started. 2011 was definitely the broken year. The more people I talk to the more I hear how tough it really was. It was by far the most testing and toughest year of my life. But I grew so much and learnt so many things. I am happier than I have ever been and its all because of you. This is what I learned this weekend;

  • Detoxing is fun... If you’re a rabbit. No really it is and it saves a lot on the wallet.
  • The Baron actually serves fresh Orange juice so its not so bad to go out and not drink at this particular bar.
  • Friday night in with the pup is still one of my favourite things to do.
  • I am going to do more of what makes me happy this year and if you don’t like it you can stay right where you are.
  • Neighbourgoods Market in Juta Street Jozi is wonderful! I think it might be better than the Biscuit Mill one... But to be fair I will have to go at least 10 times. (yes I have been to the Biscuit Mill at least 10 times so what!?)
  • Jozi has its own gorgeous Lomography store, I almost lit my eyes on fire in excitement. YAY for meeee! No more fretting about getting film in Cape Town.
  • Dancing up a storm on a double shot (of espresso) is too much fun! Especially waking up early the next morning, feeling wonderful and banging out a 6km run. Feeling fab.
  • Sometimes I wonder if there are such trivial things as Facebook in heaven. I wonder if my friends are up there reading their Facebook walls while all the poor souls still stuck on earth are writing on their angels walls... Its strange to me.
  • I’m completely obsessing over the Drive soundtrack especially Under You’re Spell by Desire... Electro lurve. Ryan Gosling is so yummmy! eeek!
  • The Counter’s brownie’s are the stuff dreams are made of... I want to name my first child 'Brownie' after these delectable slices of love. Prr!
  • Wolves is still the best place to buy unique gifts and sip on amazing coffee, scrumptious I say.
  • No matter how serious life gets, you still have that one person you can be completely stupid with.
  • I will happily spend every Sunday night with my family at one of our braai's laughing hysterically about ridiculous matters and strange bread bought at Market on Main and then watch DVD’s in bed with my sister. I Appreciate the love of my family.

Have a beautiful week flowers!


PS. Not All who wander are lost. 

Something to live by in 2012.


Anonymous said...

From one blonde thing to another, I enjoyed your musings. You make me wanna come back to Jozi & go to all these places. Wolves looks so awesome. I also bought some lomography cameras- my first pics didn't come out as expected. Took pics in park guell in barcelona-hoping for some funky effects and vibrant colours, but the pics came out quite flat. Boo. Must try again-any tips for my Diana?
Anyhoo, nice to read ur creative fluff - reminds me to get my creative juices flowing.
Take care Jackie Boyd (ha ha remember that!?) Donna x

Megs said...

Thanks for the mention love...Don't forget that it's The Counter, not Counter Love. ;) Always appreciative of the support...


Jaxi said...

So good to hear from you Donna! Thanks for the comment! miss you!

Jaxi said...

Any time Megs, LOVE those brownies!

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