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Monday, 23 January 2012
A weekend full of gifts of plenty. Smiles, hearts and happiness.
I only look forward to a Monday when I know that I can write my Weekend Learning’s Yay! And this was a huge weekend for me. Well it was just very very busy. After an incredibly tough week at work it was nice to keep busy and spend the weekend with all my favourite people. Here are some of the things I learnt.
  • InToto is a gorgeous new gallery in Birdhaven. Checkout the exhibition She@InToto, of women by women, stunning. Also the wonderful Sharon Sampson has a work there. Go, now.
  • When I eventually have my own place, I want a wooden swing over my swimming pool. Just ‘cause.
  • The Nail and Body Lab in Blubird shopping center in Illovo is still the best in Jozi. Perfect French voetjies makes for a happy Coco!
  • Another fascinating Art exhibition on at the moment is the ground breaking Diane Victor at the UJ Art Gallery. She creates works by manipulating the smoke from burning candles. Moving!
  • A Quote from Diane Victor which inspired me; “Draw the image out for yourself, smoke it out!” the exhibition closes this Wednesday where you can meet and debate with the wonderful Diane Victor, see you there. (yes I might go again so what? *sigh)
  • Passionately kissing burns 6 calories a minute, A Hershey’s Kiss (One of my favourite chocolates!) has 26 calories. It takes 4 minutes of kissing to burn off a Hershey’s Kiss. Don't mind if I do MWAH!
  • It is fun to bump into old friends at lunch. Especially when they surprise you by buying you gifts fit for a designer. Thank you Josh for my Pantone Postcard Box I am in love!
  • I love a good double Espresso... I just do.
  • Sunday at the Cricket is divine. It is still my favourite sport and spent with my favourite people at my favourite stadium Wanderers rounded off an almost perfect weekend.

Have a great week, jump the picket fence people, you only live once!

PS. “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” - Lewis Carroll

The Quote I plan to live by for the rest of my life... life quote 1


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