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Monday, 13 June 2011
Delicious times...
The weekends go so much quicker in Winter. I think its because it gets so dark so quickly this time of year. This is what I learned:
  • Wolves Winter Olympics is a lot of fun, even a copywriter can be beaten at scrabble.
  • Wooden medals on blue ribbon are my favourite thing at the moment.
  • Wolves also sells el Jimador tequila. And it is deadly! Especially when they serve it on tea wear... Its deceptive...
  • You do not have to go to Cape Town to drink &UNION beer, they sell it at Wolves (its not that special).
  • When you want you’re friends there, the people that matter will always arrive.
  • It is so strange how small the world is, really, we all swim in the same pool... Not sure how happy I am about this.
  • The décor at Velvet, the new hotspot in Rosebank, is gorgeous!
  • Going to the Vet is always an interesting experience... I still have the cutest creature on the planet!
  • Life Grand Café is divine! Their cappuccino art is just another reason I am becoming a regular. The barista always give me hearts *blush
  • I watched Dear John yesterday for no other reason than to pass the time. I love letters, on paper! When was the last time you wrote a letter, on paper, with a pen, and posted it? Channing Tatum isn’t so bad either. Yum.
  • I think its incredibly sad how transparent our lives have become with all the social media stuff. How is there ever going to be any romance anymore when all the mystery has gone?

PS. Where have all the cowboys gone?


Anonymous said...

The 'transparency' is under your control, only that which we tweet/make known will be known. Terribly important to exercise restraint.

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