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Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Coco, on top of the world.

Gosh! But it is cold outside! Autumn is being pretty mean. Or perhaps we skipped Autumn and jumped straight into bed with Winter? I believe this is true! So this is what cold Coco learned this weekend;

  • After a whole week of no parents at home, I welcome them back with open arms. Actually I always welcome them back even after one day, I love my family and hate us being apart for too long.
  • On that note the one okay thing about a house of no parents is I get to have little sister all to myself… and I kind of love that, like a lot.
  • A real woman can do it by herself, but a real man wont let her.
  • What is one of the nicest things about living in Johannesburg? No matter what the season you can always sit on the grass in the middle of the day in the sun and enjoy the weather, even in Autumn and Winter… unless it is hailing, then you should go inside.
  • “Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do.”Irma Kurtz
  • I really love going to events where I am a little younger than the rest of the crowd (this is quite rare I will have you know!) It is also nice when I don’t know that many people. It makes for an interesting affair.
  • “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.”Karl Lagerfeld.
  • Sitting in James and Ethel Grey park on a Sunday – it is lovely. You know how Coco loooooves dogs? (If you don’t then this must be your first post, hello, welcome!) well the park is full to the brim with funny wet nosey four legged , sniffing, curious, cute and ridiculous pups! It is bliss! You should come… sit in the sun.
  • “Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”Epicurus. This I can believe. As I grow I find a lot more joy in moments and humans than I do in things.
  • I took a little visit to my dear old Gran on Sunday too. My Granny is one of the rare and glowing people in my life. I hate that nature is taking her body. But her mind, she is a million times smarter than me, I only hope one day I will grow up to be as wise as her.
  • All relationships have one law, never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you’re there.
  • I did not sleep at all on Sunday night. No matter how much design work I put out into the universe, each beautiful piece, to me, is like a child. Letting them out into the world is not only frightening, but with the additional brutal front of Social Media one has to face… it is mortifying. Having to monitor peoples responses, not only makes you and your design child feel naked, raw and awkward, but truly at the end of Monday I was so overwhelmed I was in tears, sick to my stomach and felt like I’d been mentally stoned all day. Even though there was a lot more positive than negative, the one-year build up and tension threw me. Don’t ever say being a Designer is easy! Anyway, so my logo is up on the walls for all to see, and I think I am pretty proud of me and the JSE.
  • Humble enough to know I’m not better than anybody and wise enough to know that I’m different from the rest.
  • So my lovely readers… I am considering making a smoothie section on my blog, I’d like to know your views, would you be interested in this or not? Let me know {here}.

Keep warm my tiny stalagmites!


PS. You grabbed me in your sleep one morning and whispered ‘mine’ in my ear. And I kept that memory on my windowsill, and feed it music, water and light.

I love her when she drinks her morning coffee,
and drinks me. 
And I love her more when she assures me
that she’ll 
take over the world, and take over me. - Nizar-qabbani


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