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Thursday, 22 November 2012
Wishes, I need no more.
When you are a designer, there is this thing we call "silly season". It is when all the clients go MAD. It is when everyone suddenly realizes their year end is coming, being their financial year end, and they all suddenly say,

"Hey team, we haven't spent a lot of budget on marketing, lets do it!!"

And so they do. Not thinking that they all think the same thing, there is a flood of briefs. And with that flood of briefs comes a flood of stress and over worked designers and packed up productions and, lets not forget, printers go on leave the same time as builders so… the first of December is cut off for them so they tell everyone to 'go F a donkey' when we ask for quick jobs. This is just on my daily eleven hour work job.

On the home front we've had two deaths in the family, a car rear-ended me giving me and two of my fellow stressed designers whiplash (yay, more admin) AND my parents went away leaving me to man the house which, I must add, is NOT easy. And with all the stress my body is literally catching every possible thing it can to try and make me slow down, and a dear friend has found himself in a rather terrible situation which has left me feeling withered and bewildered… alas I still mentally believe strongly in the philosophy of "I'll sleep when I'm dead" so strongly that sleeping has also taken a back foot or rather, standing foot…

It is not all doom and gloom in Coco's life though. In fact… with all the rushing and tumbling I am still happier than I have ever been. We recently acquired the newest member of the family and second furry Pekingese, tiny pup Basil. (green eyes hence the name, I like Baz…) also the weather in this divine city (JOZI!!) I live in could not be more perfect. My mother is selling art like hot cakes see {here}, I have the best quality friends I could ever dream of. My family is stronger than ever and my heart if fuller than ever with all the love. And while I experience it all through thick and thin my hand is always held tight with caring by a love so perfect… words cannot suffice.

So that my loyal followers is why I *almost missed two Weekend Learning's. Forgive me please?

This is what I learned;

  • I am blessed.
  • "I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not done." - Lucille Ball
  • Linkin Park were one of the most epic concerts I have ever been to. It is amazing the emotion attached to music. I think they helped me through a lot of silly teenage problems while I was young and did not have the support system I have today, thanks guys.
  • Bumble bees do a warm-up exercise before they take off… THIS is too cute… the mental image! Meeeep!
  • Sometimes I would honestly rather watch someone else watch TV than watch the show… yes he is that gorgeous, *wink!
  • Your skin is not paper, don't cut it. Your face is not a mask, don't cover it. Your size is not a book, don't judge it.
  • "Psithurism" (n.) the sound of the wind through the trees. I could lie on your chest and listen to this forever.
  • The other day I found a dandelion and wanted to make a wish… I realized everything I normally wished for I already had so I made a wish for someone else. I think I will be doing this a lot from now on.
  • There is nothing more precious than the love of a puppy and the simple joy of caring for the sweet little angel. Precious!
  • Wakaberry is mmmm yum yum yummmmmm deliciously icey and tasty mmmm. More please!
  • "Surround yourself ONLY with people who are going to lift you higher." - Oprah Winfrey
  • I've fallen hard, for a woman. Well for a woman's music. Lana Del Rey and her damn sultry lyrics about James Dean and hot sad summers… sigh how I love her, la-la la la laa laaa-la laaa la! Make me some Cherry Pie baby...
  • I've seen a lot of lovely things, but you are about the loveliest thing I have ever seen.
Ill try my best not to leave you all for too long again my Panamanian lilies, blossom brightly, speak soon.


PS.  Its you its you its all for you everything I do… Lana.



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