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Wednesday, 7 November 2012
Refection when you're alone only makes you love harder x
When the person you want to spend the whole weekend with goes away the weekend becomes a little off colour. Yes it is still nice but… that’s exactly it, I used the word "nice" to describe my weekend. Sacrilege! But it just cannot be helped when I spent the majority of the weekend looking over my shoulder wondering where my missing boyfriend was. He went on a little holiday for you cynical folk who like to think there is something a miss. But I still experienced things and they were a little different to what I would have learned if he had been here I guess. Here are some of those learnings;
  • "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." - Winnie the Pooh.
  • Getting a facial on a Thursday is actually a great idea, having a perfect complexion and newly shaped brows for the weekend was a lovely feeling.
  • Having dinner with my wonderful old friend at the Eatery JHB (FAVOURITE!) Friday night was super delicious. Their minimal seasonal menu is to die for! Only 3 things for starters, main and pud means 9 perfectly constructed meals you just can't go wrong with. And the juiciest catch up ever… the food darling! Seconds please!
  • I haven't baked in so long I thought the Martha Stewart in me might be slowly dying. I'm proud to report she's alive and cooking! Well she baked vanilla and bitter chocolate chip cookies with toasted almonds and they were ravaged in 24 hours. I didn't even get to take a picture for Coco! They must have been good!
  • "Women don't like questions." Angelina Jolie - The Tourist. This is so true, do not ask me a question, tell me.
  • Pedi's with my bestie is the perfect way to keep busy on a Saturday. Especially when the pedicurist says every song is 'her song' and indulges in anointing us not only with her gracious opinion but angelic, rather soprano voice renditions of Usher and Lil Wayne to name a few. Entertaining.
  • I am totally loving the aztec pattern trend. Structured and mathematical it comes in many shapes and creative colours, heavenly!
  • Zoo Lake Bowls Club still has the cheapest drinks in Joburg. It shocks me when you hand over a hundred and get back over sixty rand for a multiple drinks order… "Are you sure you ask?"
  • Sunday with the family in the sun, perfect weather, lunch and day. The perfect end to the weekend. Family is so important. I feel great sorrow for those who think otherwise.
Have an amazing week my mermaids, and yes you probably are one, here are some signs you might actually be a mermaid… you drink like a fish, you play in the storm, you swim with the sharks, you live so deep life takes your breath away… told you you were.


PS. A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

Two hearts, back together, happiness, happiest!


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