Tiny in Town

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Going into town in Jozi is a treat for anyone. It still has this weird perception of danger (as once a long time ago it was) but in actual fact town has blossomed into buildings of culture and places that are unique and special in both quirk and charm. I love the high-rise buildings, the feeling of being tiny in town with the big city lights. My favourite place would have to be Arts on Main.

Arts on Main is situated in Fox Street (I know right!) in the heart of the Johannesburg concrete nest we call ‘town’. In amongst the wires of grey and metal streets is a pearly, grassy haven. In this city sanctuary you are greeted by a small courtyard of olive trees, stepping stones and garden furniture. This is surrounded by a library, a printing studio, galleries and even a sweet little reading room for the quieter at heart. It is so gorgeous, you can literally breathe easy the second you step inside.

This weekend I decided to pop in to see the ‘In Context’ exhibition. ‘In Context’ presents a diverse group of international and South African artists who share a rigorous commitment to the dynamics and tensions of place, in reference to the African continent and its varied and complex iterations, and to South Africa in particular. The works - wide-ranging, frequently provocative - engage with a number of pressing questions about space, context, and geography.

I highly recommend you go have a look and perhaps soak in the sun and stay for lunch!


PS. Explore every corner, you’ll open many doors!


burn said...

these photo are nice!

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