Rainy day crafting

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

When I was a little girl I lived in England. This Jozi rain
everyday situation always brings back fond memories of those cold and snuggly days.

Often, to pass the time indoors, my mother encouraged us to play with paper dolls. I loved it. It was a doll set where you could mix and match silk summer dresses with whispy straw hats. Or you could combine petite leather pumps with a tweed stitched pencil skirt. This was probably one of the only games in my childhood where I liked to do the girly stuff. I think this is also the reason for my terrible shopping problem and bursting wardrobe.

Anyway, with this kind of weather I always seem inspired to do crafts. Recently I found this ‘cut out’ site (here) on the net and I am now obsessed. It really brings a joy to rain and staying indoors.

Here is a sample for you to try at home! Enjoy!


PS. What is his name you say? It is Grizzly-Cobey of course!


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