Tasha’s brings out the Sun

Monday, 28 September 2009

Tasha’s has become a well known, or should I say Jozi known, hot spot for the hungry and stylish. Just to tell someone that you are having lunch at Tasha’s brings a little envy out in the people around you.

Who really knows what attracts the locals to the white and porcelain chic that we all love in Tasha’s? It could be the perfect, clear and virtuous décor that is Tasha’s. Perhaps it is the idea of sitting on white couches and sipping champagne that attracts you? Or maybe it is the great service that is received at all four branches? Whatever the reason, my personal one is always and of course the delectable food that arrives in front of me, always delicious, always divine!

We went for breakfast to try out the new Tasha’s in the newly built Morningside centre. It was a cold morning, which worked to our advantage. Because of course, Tasha’s is always full, no one wanted to sit outside so we braved the cold and elected to sit outside rather than stand in the 10 deep cue.

Cappuccino’s and heaters were assigned and warmed us up right away. We ordered, a standard breakfast, a scrambled eggs with salmon and I ordered corn fritters with bacon, avo, baby tomatoes and rocket (oh yum!). As our food arrived typically, the sun came out! The fritters were unbelievable. I managed to polish them both off. Then after breakfast a shot of wheat grass and I was ready for my day. And what a perfect start.

I think I am going to have to test them all out again just to check for myself that the Tasha’s are really the same! To be continued...

PS. Try not go at peak times or at least go early, you will cue! (Even though it is worth it!)



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