Manna Epicure

Sunday, 16 August 2009

A place where white is your favourite colour, a teapot is a decoration and cupcakes are fine art, Manna Epicure is a place where patisserie dreams come true.

It has the elegance of an upmarket art gallery. The clean white exterior reaches out to you when you drive past it due to the complete contrast to the rest of the bustle and grey of the concrete street. Simple yet beautiful decorations of cream, or should I say crème on white, create a gentle and cheering feeling.

The other people there were enjoying complimentary bread and dips. Others indulged in cocktails and breadsticks and tea and biscotti. Some were peacefully reading newspapers in the sun and the table behind us were discussing silk threads and gallery openings. A ménage of diners, all with one thing in common, their love for Manna.

Manna is not only a patisserie thought, the menu is separated into divisions for unique taste sensations: sweet, bitter, sour and savoury. They have a variety of scrumptious tapas, a selection of farm breads and of course the artistically ornamental cupcakes.

Of course I had to delve into a cappuccino and a cupcake. There is nothing that makes my heart sing louder than a perfect cupcake with the perfect company at the perfect place. This was one of those moments. Between 3 of us we each had a cappuccino and shared two cupcakes. And of course; one vanilla, one chocolate.

When the two little beauties graced us with their presence we could do nothing but “Ooooh!” and smile at each other with delight. They looked like two dazzling little gifts of glory, who had come to light up our eyes, and our tummies!

My new favourite cupcakes were hugged in brown paper cupcake holders. The vanilla one was sprinkled and dusted with powdered sugar and crowned with a striped, fabric ribbon. The butter cream icing actually looked like fresh piped cream and was surprisingly dense and sweet to the taste. There was also a pleasant surprise of rosewater.

The chocolate cupcake was dark and lustrous. A perfect brunette from the brown of the paper to the tip of the silky icing. The adorning ribbon matched the rest of the outfit in dark brown with light brown stitching. The two together were magnificent.

Manna is owned by Maranda Engelbrecht who works at Taste magazine. Taste magazine is one of my favourites so finding this out made it clear why I have such an attraction to Manna.

Manna is heavenly and bright. There is not one person I know who would not have a most wonderful time. Alone with a book or with friends and family, Manna is sure to make you’re day that much more special.

PS. Go hungry! You’ll want to order everything on the menu!

Manna, 151 Kloof Street, Cape Town. Tel 021 426 2413.



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