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Thursday, 6 August 2009
I like little dinky places where you can go and forget about the city that you are dragging in. You can imagine that you have escaped for one evening into another world. It goes without saying that a place that changes its menu everyday, only takes bookings (which are usually hard to get unless you book at least a week in advance) and use simply fresh and natural produce will always be a hit. And Stelle is a huge hit!

It’s a petite place at 62 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview. It is rather strange when you walk in. the peachy orange wall’s re not exactly ‘Italian-Chic’ and the loud, colourful art is peculiar and a little daunting yet the restaurant itself is homey and personal.

The menu is brief and probably only has about 7 things to chose from for each course. I love this. It means you know that everything is going to be insanely delectable, perfectly cooked and above all fresh! They make all their own pasta and believe that flavour is key.

For starter I had the crab, mayonnaise and potato mille-feuille. It was exceptionally flavoursome. The crab was soft and sultry and the sharp lemony mayonnaise was the perfect contrast. The presentation was also gorgeous, the little stack looked strong yet as though it could float away on its lettuce leaf at any moment.

For mains I had a beef strip and porcini mushroom dish. Served with pretty little roast potatoes and zucchini. Although the crab had filled me up I had to eat as much as possible as it was so moreish. The meat was tender and juicy that the porcini mushrooms… well what can I say, I love porcini’s so I was in heaven! Some of the other meals included; meat ravioli with walnut sauce, chicken pasta in a lemongrass soup and four cheese ravioli, all tasted and recommended!

Desert is chef’s choice for the night. (Yes!! love a surprise!) There were two, something that looked like a little custard profiterole but then she said chocolate and orange and I made my order, with haste.

It was a little mini dark chocolate cake with warm melted dark chocolate with orange syrup and orange rind. Holy moly! Worship is a word that comes to mind. It was loving and tender and might have stolen my heart if I hadn’t shared it.

Stelle is an awe-inspiring restaurant. I highly recommend it not just for its amazing food but also to have a little slice of real Italian bliss!

P.S. you must book! It’s full 100% of its time and for good reason I might ad. Stelle 0116466996


Anonymous said...

I want to thank Jaxi for the pleasant and unexpected article about Stelle Restaurant. We are very gratified and we hope she come back soon to our Restaurant.

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