Emily Moon

Tuesday, 26 May 2009
Emily Moon River Lodge is owned by Mark and Christine Valentine. It is peacefully gorgeous. Everywhere I looked I felt visually stimulated. The decorations are in abundance yet not overdone. Mark Valentine, owner and a leading dealer in African artifacts, has filled the restaurant, sun deck and eight luxurious lodges with treasures he has collected from across Africa, as well as beautiful bits and pieces from India.

For lunch we sat and looked over the picturesque river valley. The views are amazing. Still and calming. The juxtapose of the jumble of decorations in the restaurant and the wide open green of the valley is exceedingly alluring. I struggled to leave after the meal was done and now back in the crackling, screaming bustle of the city think back on it with great admiration and fondness.

For lunch we sipped on wine and soaked up the glory of mother nature. With short personal menu’s prepared on the day the ingredients are fresh and the meals can be concentrated on for the best possible result.

For mains we had two different things, a spicy prawn dish. It had a Moroccan feel with curly fries and a divine little salad. The other meal was a mussel and prawn pasta with a creamy white wine sauce. Both were delectable and kept us busy and our hands dirty, great fun.

For desert there were 3 options; there was a trio of ice-creams, a guava and crème angeles dish and last but not least I had a heavenly Panna Cotta. As you can see in the pictures it was small simple and elegant. With a swirl of gooseberry jus, what could be better.

I highly recommend Emily Moon for any occasion. Delicious!

PS. Before you eat or check in, take a peak at the wedding hall is too stunning for words…



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