Spring Fling

Friday, 23 September 2011
I like you Spring, I really like you.
It’s spring time in Jozi. Kind of feels more like summer. But there are a couple things that I’m finding around that are great spring items.

My Aldo Trules. Wedges perfect for smart summery lunches. They’re cool yet casual, and a little person like me can always use some height.
My Cellini Coral bag. She’s almost pink. She reminds me of sea coral, blue water and white beaches. And its called a Cruze, kiff, haha.
Calvin Klein Euphoria. Sweet and flowery this summer scent is perfect for day or night. Its great because its not too sweet so it doesn’t attract bees!
Trinket brooches. What could be sweeter than wearing an apple in spring!
Little Dragon. Swedish electronic band with lyrics and tunes which blow my days away, sweet sweet bop music.
Reading my book in the sun. This doesn’t need a description.
Stripey stuff. I like to be a little sailor in summer...
Heritage day, national braai day the smell of a braai... Mmm summer. Chop please.

Happy weekend feathers!


PS. “Now something’s missing from my memory of … you
You shake my world from my ground to my head.” - Little Dragon


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