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Wednesday, 13 July 2011
A lesson learned.
After almost permanently destroying my face in a freak accident I have been avoiding my blog for a bit. Not because I did not want to just because it was painful to look at a computer screen... through one eye. But not being able to do anything but sit and think really makes you search for enjoyable things to keep you entertained and happy. The pain medication also might be helping in this respect but I don’t find being high as a kite a negative... Some curious things I am enjoying at the moment include;
  • Arnica pills. They really do help speed up recovery.
  • Winning the office draw for the Durban July at my office. I might have lost teeth at the actual Durban July but I managed to win the draw in my work pool. You win some you loose some, thanks Igugu!
  • New wooden floors with new under floor heating. This must be one of the greatest inventions of all time!
  • The sound of my puppy’s paws chittering up and down the hallway. It is a unique and laughable noise which I love.
  • Sanctum products. I will be doing a post about these soon. I am so going organic! The smell is delicious and feels just as good!
  • Wolves July Mixtape. I made damn sure that I didn’t injure my ears, so at least I can listen to the awesome download, thanks Wolves, I howl you. Click {here} to download.
  • All the love. When something happens to you, it is amazing to see who REALLY cares. And hurts to know who actually couldn’t be bothered. Those people have been voted out of the tribe. Cannot say I am sad to see you go.
  • The Bang Bang Club premier. Check it out {here}, its going to be epic. I can't wait to lay my eyes on some of the hotties tonight,  Ryan Phillippe, yum! South African movies make me happy.
  • Madiba’s Birthday on Monday. Cheesekids helps you to contribute, click {here} to help contribute just 67 minutes of your time this Sunday for Nelson Mandela’s Birthday.
  • Last but not least my Loerie nomination. Interbrand Sampson is a two times finalist with two of the jobs I designed. Most exciting time of my life.

PS. “Rawwr” means I love you in Dino saur.


Anonymous said...

Great blog ! Aragorn

Vixi said...

Congratulations on your nomination! I've been waiting for this moment FOREVER! Finally, and so very well deserved! <3!

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