Weekend Learning's

Monday, 31 January 2011
I love Black & white.
Finally getting out the first Weekend Learning's of 2011! Here it is....
  • I am absolutely loving The Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen and all the angry chic that comes with it. Ohh the ballads...
  • Just because I am not trying anymore, it does not mean I am giving up.
  • Higher Ground has great cocktails and a bit of a bee problem.. unless they’re just attracted to sweet girls ;)
  • Getting a Brazilian Blow wave is not nearly as dramatic as people say it is. and it smells like vanilla cupcakes. Mmm!
  • BuddahTa has the most delicious platters and fab décor, Coco loves!
  • Red Chamber in Hyde Park does this amazing seaweed and cashew dish, highly recommended.
  • I seem to be in the wars, tripping, stubbing and hurting myself, coco is a clumsy cluts.
  • Just because life throws you a curve ball it doesn't mean you should play bat.
  • No I don't understand myself either!
  • Your hair has to be 22cm’s to donate it to CANSA.... I think mine is about 40cm....
  • I don’t like blogging in a bad mood, so sorry for the lack of.

PS. Sorry no Coco holiday learning’s it would be in vein. Happy 2011! 


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