Team Lash

Thursday, 18 February 2010
I am a huge supporter of my country!

And I often wonder how I am going to support my soccer team with only 112 days till 2010 kick-off.

I have thought of the the obvious things such as shirts, stick on tattoos, flags and face paint. But really being the girl that I am I want to at least wear something a little flattering and 'fitting'. (since the smallest Bafana Bafana shirt I found came down to my knees!)

So then the other day I was stumbling though the internet and came across this site; Eyelash Central and low and behold I found the perfect ladies supporter gear... if you can call it that!

South African flag eyelashes!

Have you ever seen anything more fabulous! They cost R75 which is a bargain compared to the R400 team shirt I tried on. And you'll still look stunning while booing the ref and fluttering a supportive eyelash!



PS. Make sure you stick these babies on properly, you don't want a 'droopy flag' at half time!


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